Friday, 18 March 2011

Boot Manager : How to repair boot manager missing error in Windows 7/ Vista

Basically we face this problem while installing the windows some tome the Boot file is missed and this shows the error as show below in the pic to solve this problem read the article

Insert the Windows DVD of Windows7/Vista in your system then follow these steps:

Boot off the Windows Vista DVD and then click Next at the first prompt:

You should see a link in the lower left-hand side for “Repair your computer”

The installation process will attempt to find your Vista installation directory. If there’s more than one in the list, select the correct one and then use the Next button again.

Click the first link for “Startup Repair”

The installation process will repair the system, and then prompt for you to reboot.
Alternatively you could have chosen the Command Prompt option instead, and use the following command to fix the boot options only:
bootrec /fixboot

At this point you should be able to reboot your computer, remove the DVD and everything should be working

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